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Experience the transformative healing power of shakti

Extremely Powerful

My first session with Russell was extremely powerful. Right away, I felt energy moving in my body. Read more below... Kristen in Arizona


Thank you russell!

I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Russell. I had the opportunity to experience this session while visiting Sedona. The session began with a soft drumming, and it helped to relax and quiet my mind. Read more below...

Experience a shakti healing treatment in sedona

In the Bell Rock Vortex

How long does a Shakti Healing Session take?

A typical shakti healing treatment lasts about one hour. The final 15 minutes can be energetically potent as the shakti current releases any stuck energies and bathes the nervous system in bliss.

private peaceful setting in nature

Healing sessions take place in the sun-room adjacent to a forest setting. This is a private residence in a sublime natural setting. Relax and release in Sedona....

where? Sedona -village of oak creek

VOC is a small suburb of Sedona. Nearby, there is trail access to Bellrock and Courthouse. It's the perfect getaway from the fast moving tourist environment of central Sedona.

Shakti Healing Treatment

Shakti is Identified as the Divine Mother

A typical Shakti Healing session will address all of the primary energy bodies, including the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. Shakti Healing revitalizes the nervous system and initiates release. Shakti can be aimed at any health issue as it naturally re-calibrates all of the energy centers (chakras).

The power chakra, in the center, is the source of your emotional body. This area around the belly is the main storehouse for emotions. Unresolved emotions tend to settle here in layers. These layers can be a main source of dis-ease and stress. Therefore release in the power chakra is vital to a persons health and well-being. Ultimately the root cause of emotional imbalance must be addressed by all individuals for permanent release.

At the end of each session there is a sublime release within the bodymind. This translates into a blissful sensation that can last for many days.  It is a return to our true nature. It is a beautiful reminder that this bliss current is readily available to anyone at any time.

Session Highlights

Session highlights include balancing all energy centers and engaging five unfoldments.

In each session there is emphasis on balancing all energy centers or chakras. The mental and spiritual bodies will witness five gradual unfoldments. All physical symptoms are sourced in the mental and emotional body.

The five unfoldments:

  • Love – shakti is love, shakti is the divine feminine
  • Discipline – to care for self
  • Personality – authentic behavior
  • Emergence – harmony with others
  • Freedom – liberation from ignorance 

Some sessions may require time between the next session to allow for integration. After each session there are indicators given to proceed with next consecutive session or to take time to integrate. Be open and flexible to this instruction. 

Treatment Room

Remote Treatments

Remote treatments are available for anyone, anywhere. You are instructed to find a comfortable place to rest, a peaceful setting is important. You can visualize this treatment center if it helps. You are asked to cover yourself with a white sheet or blanket.

Treatment begins at the agreed time, any time that is suitable for you will work. Take pause and understand time is not linear, time can expand or it can be condensed in remote healings. Remote healings are operating at faster frequencies. Healings will unfold at precise time you are ready. Shakti Healing is well suited to prepare the individual for the exciting global changes ahead.  

Live Treatments in Sedona

Local in-person treatments are available by appointment. A typical treatment will begin with a brief meditation using shamanic drumming techniques. Once the patient is settled and relaxed, the energy work begins. Each session is unique to the individuals needs. Shakti healing can be an exquisite experience as the loving energy of shakti flows through the entire body and gracefully bathes the nervous system.

Treatment Testimonials

I had an extraordinary experience with Russell working on me with the Reiki-Shakti energy. Although I have experience working with energy for over 30 years I never had an experience that compared to what transpired in Russell's beautiful treatment room.

The energy is so strong it is hard to describe as it changes with each session, somehow always providing exactly what you required whether you knew it or not. The effects of the energy last for at least a day if not longer.

You will be transformed, renewed and recharged in a way you have never imagined. Russell's gentle demeanor masks an extremely powerful energy worker. His vast knowledge of the energy is fascinating and very impressive. If you want to give yourself or a loved one a gift, a session with Russell is the perfect choice.
Luanne in Sedona
My first session with Russell was extremely powerful. Right away, I felt energy moving in my body. Russell had us meditate to clear our minds and allow for messages, visuals, feelings and impressions from the Shakti field.

Russell first checked my energy centers and then moved to my crown and began. He used his hands and his heart energy to help me through a profound clearing process.

My experience was uniquely my own and Russell supported me through it. I have taken the insights I gained forward with me on my path.
Kristen in Arizona
I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Russell. I had the opportunity to experience this session while visiting Sedona. The session began with a soft drumming, and it helped to relax and quiet my mind.

His energy work is magical. I realized half way through this session that I had experienced this frequency before many years ago, as a kundalini awakening. I had completely forgotten about this earlier experience in my life. This was an important reminder that I could reignite this energy and feel this blissful state anytime I wished.

I would recommend a session without hesitation. Thanks, Russell for making this a truly lovely trip.
Deborah from Florida


Through Shaktipat, the Shakti energy ever present in human beings is enhanced and allowed to evolve from the lowest to the highest (the top of the head), which burns down all the unnecessary junk that one has collected, thus transforming one’s life and causing a dimensional shift, a shift in awareness.  ~Mohanji

Session Plans

Book a single session. All sessions balance the energy centers and engage the shakti field. Remote or in-person sessions are available.

Single Session


Book three consecutive sessions if you are prepared to go into a deeper space and you have time to rest and integrate. This can be intense clearing. Remote or in-person sessions are available.

Three Sessions


Book five sessions if you desire to release and integrate at a fast rate. All sessions balance the energy centers and engage the shakti field. Remote or in-person sessions available.

Five Session



Russell Webb

Hi. I’ve been active in this field for 10+ years. Eventually I became a Certified Reiki Practitioner and now I work intimately with the shakti field in all sessions. Shakti is also known as the divine mother.

A Shakti Healing treatment may or may not include Reiki gestures and symbols. We can discuss prior to session.  

I would define this experience as more like being a channel for the great mother. She has many names in many cultures: Pachamama, Vudasi, Parnasavari, Sachamama, and Panacea to name a few. 

I simply go into stillness and allow the work to proceed. I do not do the work myself, it is done by a higher, faster, more intelligent force that knows far more than I do, and I call her the Great Mother.

In each Shakti Healing treatment, all chakras are addressed, negative energies are released, and shakti – the highest and most refined form of  love – comes in to complete the treatment. 

Scheduling an Appointment is Easy.


60 Tabletop Drive
Village of Oak Creek
Sedona, AZ 86351


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