Russell Webb

Hi. I’ve been active in this field for 10+ years. Eventually I became a Certified Reiki Practitioner and now I work intimately with the shakti field in all sessions. Shakti is also known as the divine mother.

A Shakti Healing treatment may or may not include Reiki gestures and symbols. We can discuss prior to session.  

I would define this experience as more like being a channel for the great mother. She has many names in many cultures: Pachamama, Vudasi, Parnasavari, Sachamama, and Panacea to name a few. 

I simply go into stillness and allow the work to proceed. I do not do the work myself, it is done by a higher, faster, more intelligent force that knows far more than I do, and I call her the Great Mother.

In each Shakti Healing treatment, all chakras are addressed, negative energies are released, and shakti – the highest and most refined form of  love – comes in to complete the treatment.